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About Advisory Advantage

Listen in to progressive accountants as they share their expertise, tips and war stories with Richard Francis of Spotlight Reporting and MC Carter of Practice Paradox about how they have learned to market, sell and deliver more Advisory services to their clients and make a bigger impact in their clients' lives.

Richard Francis - CEO, Spotlight Reporting

Richard started his accounting career 25 years ago. He  worked in a big firm running their Consultancy Services and many years later founded his own advisory firm with his wife Julie Francis CA, which was one of the first Xero accounting partners.
In 2010, he founded Spotlight Reporting, an award-winning business intelligence software company working with the best accounting firms in the world. Richard travels the world talking to and listening to accountants at all stages of their journey, as well as supporting their aspirations to evolve and innovate.

MC Carter - Director and Founder, Practice Paradox

MC Carter—dubbed “the father of modern marketing for accountants”—helps progressive accounting firms cross The Value-Add Chasm©. These firms learn how to market, sell and deliver their future-focused advisory services to their clients to move beyond the ‘mainly compliance’ business model that 9 out of 10 firms are still stuck in. MC's global digital marketing agency, PARADOX, helps firms communicate the value of their optional, value-add advisory services. Firms who implement the PARADOX ‘Marketing Machine 2.0’ methodology are among the fastest-growing accounting firms globally.